Wendy Thacker


Needle Felting is begun by rolling up a small amount of wool and stabbing it with a felting needle.  When wool is stabbed with the felting needle; it pulls the wool into itself.  By stabbing the wool over and over while turning the wool, it continues to pull wool in.By doing this, it locks itself together.Once there […]

Char Ciammaichella

Char has been weaving for over 25 years and teaching for the last 15 years.  She weaves Mainly with reed and loves playing with color placement to get many different and interesting patterns.  She teaches at home, at guild gatherings, and many weaving conventions where she is passing down weaving techniques to all. Basket collection

Patty Gates


I love nature and wildlife, capturing those rare moments when you and nature respect each other and that moment is reflected in a blink of an eye or a snap of a shutter.  I take the time to capture what many people do not get the time to see.

Joanie Ripley

Jewels by Joanie When visiting Arizona in 2007, I enrolled in classes making and designing jewelry.  I loved the creative process of designing and the smooth feel of gemstones and their healing properties.  Some of my favorite stones are Jasper, Agate, and Turquoise.  When visiting Gem Shows, I am always looking for that rare stone in texture […]

John H. Corrigan

Modroo Farm by John H Corrigan

My artistic life began on the coast of Maine, during the summer of 1946 in a small art class using pastels at numerous local sights.  That fall in Biltmore, Md. mechanical drawing was my next experience.  I was hooked!  Perspective & detail were to become major elements in my work (vocation & avocation) for the […]

Aline Peterson

Greetings and let me introduce myself.  My name, Aline, which I grew up thinking was Scottish, turns out to be of German and French descent.  It means Loyal.  Well, that’s for sure, just ask my friends! I became involved with glass as an art medium in 1983 after a rather nasty divorce.  With two small […]