John H. Corrigan

Modroo Farm by John H Corrigan
Modroo Farm
Brooklyn Bridge  John H. Corrigan

My artistic life began on the coast of Maine, during the summer of 1946 in a small art class using pastels at numerous local sights.  That fall in Biltmore, Md. mechanical drawing was my next experience.  I was hooked!  Perspective & detail were to become major elements in my work (vocation & avocation) for the next 70 years.  Creativity was nurtured & flourished in our home growing up in all it’s forms.  For this I am eternally grateful.

Outside of paintings & sketches done in both New York City & State; the desert scenes of Arizona, the majority of my efforts have been concentrated on Auburn Lakes scenes, our home for 8 years; Chagrin Falls Village landmarks and recently in and around the Chagrin Valley & Geauga County.